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Future Cities

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"Transport hasn't changed drastically since the invention of the internal combustion engine... we're on the cusp of some real technology change."

Mark Westwood, Transport Systems Catapult

Arial view of motorways by a drone

What will the future cities of 2040 really look like? Electric drive technology, autonomy and AI could fundamentally change the way we work and live. With drone technology advancing rapidly, cities now have a unique opportunity to shape this disruptive new mode of transport - to maximise the economic and social benefits it could bring, whilst ensuring safety.

Joining Nesta's Nigel Campbell to discuss this are

  • Kathy Nothstine, Lead for Future Cities in the Challenge Prize Centre working on the future of urban transport and global cities.
  • Mark Westwood, Technical Director at the Transport Systems Catapult, working on the development and delivery of the Technology Strategy for Intelligent Mobility, alongside leading a portfolio of autonomous vehicle related projects including the drone and driverless car domains.

We also hear from Gareth Sumner, Foresight Manager in Transport for London's Innovation Directorate advising on how autonomous vehicles, drones and AI could change the way we move around London.

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