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Realising the Value: choosing our areas of practice

Realising the Value is a programme funded by NHS England to strengthen the case for person-centred and community-based health and care, identify evidence-based approaches, and develop tools to support implementation across the NHS and local communities.

We’re at an exciting point in the programme and have launched a call for applications to become a local partner site on the Realising the Value programme. We hope to attract applications from local organisations that are passionate about person-centred and community-based approaches in health and care who will work with us to strengthen the evidence and co-produce tools for implementation.

We are looking to work with local partner sites in one of five areas of practice:

Below you can see a bit more about we selected the five areas we are focusing on. We have also developed summaries of the areas of practice which can be accessed by clicking the above links.

Selecting our five areas of practice

The process to prioritise the five areas of practice was collaborative and based on a combination of evidence of effectiveness and support from a wider group of person- and community-centred practitioners and researchers. The process included the results of a Newcastle University evidence review, a public consultation process which generated over 100 responses, and the programme’s advisory board, which includes relevant academics, representatives from the wider research community, leading practitioners and decision-makers in the field of person-centred and community-based care. A set of criteria were developed collaboratively by these groups to select the priority areas of practice at a programme workshop.

On this basis, we have selected five specific areas of practice that contribute to person-centred and community-based health and care. This in-depth work will contribute to developing the wider case for person-centred and community-based care. It will also contribute towards the development of a set of tools and resources to support implementation and spread of these approaches across the health and care system and local communities.

Overall, the five areas of practice cover a range of approaches to health and care which all demonstrate a commitment to the principles of person-centred and community-based care The areas of practice combine evidence of effectiveness with an understanding of what we know is important to people and a representation of different aspects of person-centred and community-based care. The evidence of impact is more well-developed for some of the five areas of practice than others and this was taken into account in the prioritisation process.

The full findings from our evidence review will be published in a report later this autumn. This report will consolidate existing knowledge, evidence and practical approaches to set out the case for a person-centred and community-based health and care system.

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Johanna Ejbye

Johanna Ejbye

Johanna Ejbye

Johanna worked in the Health and Ageing team within the Innovation Lab. She worked on Realising the Value - a programme funded by NHS England and jointly led with the Health Foundation…

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