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Encouraging fashion entrepreneurs with Ukraine Fashion Week

Participants at the Creative Enterprise Programme in Ukraine. Photo by Volodymyr Bosak

Dee Halligan and the participants of the Creative Enterprise Programme in Ukraine, November 2017

Last month in Kiev, the Creative Enterprise Programme was hosted in partnership with British Council Ukraine and Ukraine Fashion Week. The programme supports creative entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses, and the aim was to teach business tools to young fashion entrepreneurs at the very start of their career, promote talented youth - and in the long term, strengthen the creative economy in Ukraine.

During three intense workshop days, 20 selected young fashion entrepreneurs learned how to understand financial aspects of their business, to analyse the internal and external factors that influence their business, and to form a business model of their own company.

The workshop was led by Dee Halligan, a creative strategist and UK-based Creative Enterprise Programme accredited workshop associate, and held at the IZONE community space. PwC also hosted a lecture on the specific local context of doing business in Ukraine, from business registration and taxation to human resources.

This particular Creative Enterprise Programme workshop is one in a series of many in Ukraine. Supporting the development of Ukraine’s creative economy is a key objective for the British Council Ukraine Arts Programme team. With the backing of British Council UK, Nesta has worked with the Ukraine team to disseminate creative business methods and tools in order to help creative entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and the skills to strengthen their businesses and transform ideas into a sustainable enterprise.

Find out more about where we’ve been running the Creative Enterprise Programme recently, and hear from one our workshop associates on the experience of working with creative entrepreneurs across four continents.

This blog has been translated and adapted from the original article posted by Ukraine Fashion Week.

Photo credit: Volodymyr Bosak, Creative Enterprise Programme workshop in Ukraine, November 2017.


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