Fund launched

09 September 2016

Workshop for eligible organisations

15 November 2016

Proposal deadline

12 December 2016

Assessment day for shortlisted applicants

11 January 2017

Grantees announced

23 March 2017

Support with prototyping ideas

24 March 2017

Volunteer recruitment begins

01 June 2017

Service placement delivery begins

01 September 2017

Service placement delivery ends

01 March 2017

The Give More Get More Fund supported five organisations to develop and test intensive volunteering placements, that work alongside public services, for people approaching or in retirement.


Deborah Fox

Deborah Fox

Deborah Fox

Director of Creative Innovation

Deborah leads Nesta's Arts practice.

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Vicki Sellick

Vicki Sellick

Vicki Sellick

Chief Partnership Officer

Vicki was Chief Partnership Officer

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Carrie Deacon

Carrie Deacon

Carrie Deacon

Director of Government and Community Innovation

Carrie was Director of Government and Community Innovation at Nesta, leading our work on social action and people-powered public services.

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