Evidence is playing an increasingly significant role in the public and not-for-profit sectors. It's no longer enough to say that you are trying to have an impact on society, you have to be able to prove it.

Evidence of impact has been a key focus of Nesta and the Cabinet Office’s Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund. Working with The Social Innovation Partnership, we supported our portfolio of innovations to commission an independent evaluation of their work. Most of these evaluations looked at the impact of their work (impact evaluation) and how they can improve their delivery (process evaluation).

These are not only valuable to the innovations themselves, they are also an important repository of evidence about social action - what works and what doesn't. By publishing them we hope that they support the growing movement towards people powered public services.

Most of all, we hope we can help social innovators to understand the importance of good quality evidence. Our approach is based on Nesta’s Standards of Evidence, which help us to understand how confident we can be in the evidence of impact that is being presented.

The Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund funded over 30 evaluations, which will be published below according to their outcomes.