Nesta at COP26 - 6 Nov 2021 10:30 – 12:00

The challenge of the climate emergency is universal. It gives us the opportunity to build comprehensive partnerships - at a community, local, national and international level.

We need state and regional governments to set net zero targets and follow through with action. To succeed will mean mobilising and connecting people, communities, organisations and governments to experiment and innovate, and to design and test the radical policies that are needed to help us live better, as well as sustainably.

Through the Net Zero Futures project, in partnership with the Scottish Government and Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Under2 Coalition is connecting its members with existing net zero targets with states and regions interested in increasing their ambition.

The Nesta in Scotland team partnered with the Under2 Coalition, a global community of state and regional governments, at the Holyrood COP26 Fringe Festival, for a discussion on the importance of building comprehensive partnerships to take innovative action on the road to net zero. We also be showcased our This Must Be the Place exhibition, a shared vision of Scotland’s sustainable future.