In this five-part event series, we bring together experts, leaders and practitioners from the energy sector and beyond to explore a host of issues around the decarbonisation of homes. Click in to each event to watch the recordings at any time.

These events are for anyone who has a role to play in the transition to net zero, and is interested in diversifying their knowledge, sharing experiences, and being part of an inclusive approach to the challenges of decarbonisation.

Tuesday 26 October 13:00-14:15 - Watch the event recording here

Decarbonising homes is one of the biggest challenges in getting to net zero, requiring investment in nearly all existing homes, as well as considerable behaviour change from citizens. How might we win public support for the transition?

In this event, we explored what it might take to get everyone on the journey to a low-carbon home, exploring the potential role of everything from subsidies and policy change to climate assemblies and deliberative democracy.

Confirmed speakers:

Ravi Gurumurthy, Chief Executive Officer, Nesta

Chris Stark, Chief Executive, Committee on Climate Change

Tim Lord, Senior Fellow, Net Zero Policy Tony Blair Institute for Global Growth

Lucy Yu, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Net Zero - Octopus Energy

Sarah Allan, Director of Building Capacity and Standards, Involve

Thursday 18 November 13:00-14:00 - Watch the event recording here

‘Confusing’, ‘time-consuming’ and ‘painful’ - that’s how many people who’ve made the switch to low-carbon heating describe the process. What products, services and business models could take the hassle out of decarbonising homes? How do we make it easy for everyone to understand their options, find out what’s right for their homes - and take action?

Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Madeleine Gabriel, Mission Director, A Sustainable Future, Nesta

Nathan Gambling, The BetaTalk Renewable Energy Podcast Host, Plumbing Heating Lecturer/Consultant and Training Specialist

Kerry Mashford OBE, Director, Ecology Building Society

Stew Horne, Head of Policy, Energy Saving Trust

Matthew Lipson, Business Leader for Consumer Insight, Energy Systems Catapult

Sue Davies, Head of Consumer Rights and Food Policy, Which?

Tuesday 14 December 13:00-14:15 - Watch the event recording here
From seatbelts to smoking, there are a wealth of examples of significant widespread behaviour change in our recent past. And when it comes to using energy in our homes, the same is true - what’s considered normal today would be unrecognisable to people 100 or even 50 years ago. What can we learn from the past when it comes to decarbonising homes today?

Confirmed speakers:
Moderator: Madeleine Gabriel
, Mission Director, A Sustainable Future, Nesta

Dr Michael Fell, Senior Research Fellow, UCL Energy Institute

Dr Mari Martiskainen, Senior Research Fellow and Co-Director, Sussex Energy Group (SEG), University of Sussex

Professor Frank Trentmann, Professor of History at Birkbeck College/University of London and the Centre for Consumer Society Research, Helsinki.

Tuesday 18 January 13:00-14:15 - Watch the event recording here
What can we learn from those at the cutting edge - the people already deep in the world of decarbonising homes? In this event, you’ll hear from three carbon-cutting pioneers and have the opportunity to put your questions to them. What experiences can they share, and how can we learn from each other to support the UK’s road to zero carbon?

Confirmed speakers:

Chair: Madeleine Gabriel, Mission Director, A Sustainable Future, Nesta

Charlie Baker, Red Cooperative

Emily Braham, Head of Sustainable Energy, EnergieSprong

Andy Sutton, Co-Founder, SeroHomes

Tuesday 15 February 13:00-14:15 - Watch the event recording here

How much of the transition to greener heating should be locally-led - and how much should this be dictated by national government? What would it look like to have a transition that's completely bottom-up? Join our panel of experts as we explore how national and local approaches might work together on the journey to net zero.

Confirmed speakers:

Ravi Gurumurthy, Chief Executive Officer, Nesta

Laura Sandys CBE, Chief Executive Officer, Challenging Ideas

Chaitanya Kumar, Head of Environment and Green Transition, New Economics Foundation

Luke Murphy, Head of the Environmental Justice Commission and Associate Director for the Energy, Climate, Housing and Infrastructure Team, IPPR

Louise Marix Evans, Director, Quantum Strategy & Technology