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Mariana Palma

Mariana Palma at the CEP workshop

Before involvement in CEP

Prior to her enrolment in the Creative Enterprise Programme (CEP), Mariana had established her business, Puntié. At this point, Mariana’s core business offer was the design and creation of a device for postural correction that assists in the training of ballerinas. The device helps to ensure that dancers are able to maintain good posture whilst practicing at home without a teacher present to oversee their training.

Mariana was initially drawn to CEP due to its focus on creative enterprises. She hoped that this might enable her to increase her network, connecting with those working in the sector whose experiences she could relate to.

“I had attended programmes previously that were more orientated to other types of business, like digital businesses… [but] never to creative enterprises. I hoped that by attending I would meet people with similar experiences to myself to exchange potential ideas and solutions to those experiences.”

Mariana Palma

Interaction with CEP

On joining the programme, Mariana had just completed the latest interactive toe pads main value proposition, however despite knowing her design worked, she felt it was too basic and wasn’t confident in the final product.

During her time on the programme, Mariana had the opportunity to demonstrate her product to the workshop associates and her fellow participants, who encouraged her to take the product to market. This had a huge impact on Mariana’s perception of her product, as she started to believe in its potential, and she described losing the fear that had previously hindered her progression.

Mariana was able to form the network she desired, and she remains in touch with other participants, who regularly exchange updates on their projects and share potential opportunities.

Impact of CEP

Following the completion of the programme, and having renewed confidence in her product, Mariana began to involve herself directly in the industry, working more closely with dance academies to test her product with her target market.

Mariana went on to participate in the Mexican reality television show Shark Tank, which sees entrepreneurs pitch their products and businesses to potential investors. Although she did not leave with any investment, her participation provided her product with a huge amount of publicity. This resulted in her completely selling out of the devices she had available for purchase at the time, and she continues to be contacted by interested customers as a direct result.

Mariana requires economic investment to progress her business further. As such, she is focusing on her other creative business ventures, and plans to use the money she gains from these to continue to invest in Puntié.