We want to create exciting augmented reality for everyone - can you help us?

Do you have a passion to make art that is accessible for everyone? Below, one of our Amplified grantees, filmpro, discuss their work to make the world of augmented reality (AR) accessible and call on those passionate about accessibility in emerging technologies to get involved.

As disabled artists working in a digital arts agency, we feel passionately that the creative sector should fully represent the diversity of our society, everyone should have the right to experience and create art. That’s why we are very excited to be a grantee of Nesta’s Amplified fund, a year-long programme that supports cultural organisations with digital ideas that have big social impact.

Filmpro is led by Caglar Kimyoncu (Artistic Director) and Chas de Swiet (Producer), and was set up to support artists who experience exclusion and other barriers in their practice. Caglar and the filmpro team have been working with augmented reality since early 2018. In February of this year, we delivered an exhibition in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, looking at the question, “What Makes You Who You Are”, featuring a multi-channel video installation and AR. For the project, Caglar, alongside an Indonesian developer, created an Andriod App which allowed additional layers of moving images triggered by photographs and accessed through audience member’s phones during the exhibition.

This project made us think - what if we could sync layers of AR content to a moving image? Could we use these additional layers of images to provide disability access provision such as British Sign Language, audio description of captions? That’s what we’ve been working on for the past year and with thanks to funding from the British Council, Arts Council and now Nesta. We’re working on bringing this idea to reality.

We want to get to the point where an artist can pick up our app and with little development time, create AR content that expands the artist's vision and for audiences to experience it to its fullest potential.

In the gallery space, viewers look at the videos and projections while one frames an AR marker on his mobile phone.cdscsdc

The exhibition opens. Photo by Michael Achtman

Are you interested in getting involved?

This is where you come in. As part of the Amplified project, we want to pilot the functionality developed in our creative lab with artists or exhibitors working with moving image. Is this you?

Ideally you will have a single or multi-channel video installation that is going to be presented in a gallery environment during August to November 2019. We ask for an interest in AR and a willingness to test our app both for access provision & artistic content. Being part of Amplified allows us to offer some time from our developer and some resources to help cover the additional AR production costs.

If you are passionate about making your art accessible, please do get in touch with us by the 7th June 2019 by emailing: [email protected]

You can also follow them on Twitter @_filmpro and @whatmakesyouwho and visit their blog for more details.

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Chas de Swiet

Chas de Swiet is a creative producer and disabled artist with a focus on socially engaged practice. He currently works at filmpro and is the Co-Artistic Director of the Liminal Wood.