The state of interactive data visualisation

Interactive data visualisation can be a highly effective tool for communicating insights from data.

This presentation, delivered at Nesta's recent away day, identifies the latest developments within the field. The major advances relate to securing greater viewer engagement, through methods such as expectation cementing and scenario modelling.

The presentation also provides a brief 'how to start' guide, which stresses the need to know both your data and the expectations of your viewers before designing the visualisation. As data sources multiply and visualisation libraries continue to improve, data visualisation is becoming an essential tool for any policy and research unit. 

At Nesta, we have lots of exciting data visualisations planned for 2016/17.


Cath Sleeman

Cath Sleeman

Cath Sleeman

Head of Data Discovery, Data Analytics Practice

Dr Cath Sleeman is the Head of Data Discovery.

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