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Nesta is an innovation foundation. For us, innovation means turning bold ideas into reality and changing lives for the better. We use our expertise, skills and funding in areas where there are big challenges facing society.

Introducing Senegal's CEP workshop associates

At its core, the Creative Enterprise Programme is a three day workshop designed by Nesta and is offered to creative entrepreneurs by British Council offices all around the world. In recent years the delivery model was refreshed, which now sees the involvement of locally-based workshop associates; creative leaders and business advisers recruited by British Council and inducted by Nesta to facilitate the workshops. These associates connect to their workshop participants on a deeper level through shared language, culture and understanding of the opportunities (and challenges) of their local entrepreneur context. Having workshop facilitators on the ground also means that the Creative Enterprise Programme can evolve from being a three-day workshop to a holistic and context-specific approach to support creative entrepreneurs, with the British Council and their teams of associates organising alumni and community events, pitching competitions and mentoring.

Amina Diagne and El hadji Niasse are our two workshop associates in Senegal. Amina and El hadji join a network of 30 workshop associates around the world: Egypt, Nigeria, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine and the UK.

Amina Diagne

Amina is specialised in business development and supports companies in developing and executing winning strategies. At SOLID, a major Senegalese software company, she supported its growth through its internationalisation approach and the creation of flagship digital solutions. She is Lead Trainer at JEADER, an organisation dedicated to developing leadership qualities among young social entrepreneurs, and General Secretary of the Association of Senegalese Women in ICT (FESTIC).

Amina has created an online training platform to develop business skills and promote employability by providing content and tools in French and a number of local languages.

El hadji Niasse

El hadji is specialises in financial and business entrepreneurship and has worked in the development sector for over 20 years in more than 15 countries. El hadji has been involved in different socio-economic empowerment programmes, including designing and implementing training materials and training of trainers. El hadji coordinated a USAID programme in Senegal which promoted youth empowerment and ethical finance. He also worked with New Africa Rating and coordinated a regional network of microenterprise and microfinance institutions which sought to upgrade the capacity of African microfinance institutions to target and support women.

He is a consultant in the British Council Active Citizens Social Enterprise Programme in Senegal. El hadji is also involved with different initiatives across Africa on youth socio-economic empowerment including the Young African Leaders programme (YALI).


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