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Leap by Agent Academy: An online learning platform that supports budding marketeers learn the skills needed to move into a new career

More than 6 million people in the UK are currently employed in occupations that are likely to either radically change, or completely disappear by 2030 as a result in large part to automation. Covid-19 has only served to intensify the importance of digital retraining opportunities, having impacted an estimated 7.9 million jobs, with a disproportionate effect on low-income individuals. Leap, by Agent Academy, allows learners to gain the skills they need for the Creative, Digital and Tech industry, and gives them the insight they need to enter careers in these buoyant sectors.

Agent Academy is an award-winning deliverer of industry designed learning programmes, aimed at supporting young people in finding meaningful long-lasting careers. We have helped hundreds of people who are usually ‘locked out’ of industry because of barriers to employment. Many of the people Agent Academy works with are from underrepresented groups; they can’t afford to gain experience through unpaid work and they don’t have existing connections to get into employment. Agent Academy offers a solution to all of this.

For the CareerTech Challenge, we aimed to adapt the success of our core programme to provide a digital solution that expands opportunities for an even more diverse audience. We developed Leap, an online learning platform that aims to provide knowledge and experience in digital marketing.

Key features

Leap is modelled on the proven success of Agent Academy’s existing core 12-week programme, but offers more personalised learning paths, AI chatbot functionality, gamification and the opportunity to work on real-world brand challenges. This automatically generates a work portfolio that can enhance the learners employability upon completion.

Leap platform features

Example of learning content

Leap gives learners the perfect first step into the industry with a solid foundation in four of the key areas of marketing; strategy, design, digital and campaigns. Key to Leap is the flexibility to fit learning around learners’ lives, acknowledging the differences in how and when learners can access learning. Learners can learn at home, learn on their commute and learn their way.

Leap features

Example of learning content

The course is designed by industry leaders, focusing on the skills they look for in future employees. It features client briefs, which allow learners to connect their knowledge to real-life settings, seamlessly making the transition between learning and employment.

Leap platform features

Example of a brand challenge

Key findings

Following a successful launch and testing phase, we have gathered evidence from learners that suggests the following emerging outcomes:

  • Motivation - Leap has the potential to increase motivation for learners and encourage them to continually develop their skill set.

“Leap is really easy to use and makes me feel like I can get to grips with marketing even though I didn’t know anything about it before.”

Leap user
  • Self-Development - Leap has the potential to improve self-development for learners, as it acts as a gateway to further learning.

“Leap has really helped me with my new start-up business. I’m looking at content that helps me understand the skills I am learning.”

Leap user
  • Self-belief - Leap has the potential to improve self-belief for learners, and improve learner outlook for the future in terms of seeking new career opportunities.

“Leap has given me the confidence and knowledge to go after the career I wanted. I landed a new job as a content creator within weeks of completing my journey.”

Leap user

Looking Ahead

We are in an exciting place with Leap and are currently identifying how we can add further value for both learners and potential partners through the brand challenge element.

You can sign up to Leap here.

To find out more, or to discuss a potential learning or partnership opportunity, email [email protected]


Emma Price

Programme Facilitator at Agent Academy CIC