Collective Intelligence Grants. Meet our advisory group
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Collective Intelligence Grants. Meet our advisory group

The advisory group consists of external experts as well as relevant members from other Nesta teams.

Julien Cornebise


Julien is a Honorary Associate Professor at UCL. He was an early researcher at DeepMind where he designed its early algorithms then co-created their Health Research team, and a Director of Research at ElementAI, where he led and built its London office and its “AI for Good” unit. After his theoretical work on Bayesian methods, he had the privilege to work with the NHS to diagnose eye diseases; with Amnesty International to quantify abuse on Twitter and find destroyed villages in Darfur; with Forensic Architecture to identify teargas canisters used against civilians; with Human Rights Watch; with the European Space Agency, and with NASA FDL. Seventeen years researching and applying algorithms, and a half-dozen supporting social change actors, have shown him two sides of tech.

Marc Driscoll

MD Photo 1.jpg

Mark is Founder and Director of Tasting the Future, a purpose and values driven sustainable food systems consultancy. He has over years 25 experience of working with businesses, governments and civil society organisations on organisational strategies and cross sector collaboration initiatives that address the key social, economic and environmental challenges confronting our global food system. He has been instrumental in leading and designing large sustainable food programmes with organisations including WWF and Forum for the Future, focussing on policy and practice which supports sustainable nutrition - the intersection of health, nutrition and sustainability.

Louise Francis

Louse Francis.jpg

Louise discovered the power of maps through her early research in evolutionary genetics and the environment. She moved on from there to combine people, places, the environment and maps in her work and research, which led to the creation of Mapping for Change, a University College London spin-out social enterprise. She has led projects and worked extensively on participatory mapping, community engagement and citizen science programmes on topics spanning local pollution monitoring to planning, from exploring issues of accessibility to looking at citizenship and social housing issues.

Erik Johnston

Eric Johnston

Erik is Professor with the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and School of Complex Adaptive Systems. He is the Co-Director of the Center for Smart Cities and Regions and the Director of Policy Informatics at the Decision Theater. His research in smart cities and regions integrates open governance and policy informatics approaches to serve all communities, including participation from traditionally underserved populations.

Ditte Kragh

Gitte Kragh

Gitte Kragh is an ecologist and postdoc at Aarhus University, co-founder of the Danish Citizen Science Network, and member of the Board of Directors of the European Citizen Science Association. Her key expertise includes public engagement and participant motivation and she is particularly interested in the interdisciplinarity required for successful citizen science projects.

Chris Lintott

Chris Lintott

Chris is Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Oxford, where he runs the Zooniverse citizen science platform.

He is cofounder of 1715 Labs, and an author and broadcaster on topics covering crowdsourcing and astronomical science in general.

Massimo Menichinelli

Massimo Menichinelli

Massimo, Doctor of Arts in New Media, is a designer who researches and develops open, collaborative, and co-design projects and the systems that enable them since 2005. Massimo has published several scientific articles and books on Open Design, FabLab and User-driven Open and Social Innovation and he has given lectures and workshops in various countries including Italy, Spain, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, South Korea, Singapore, China.

Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson

Lucy is Citizen Science Manager and Deputy Head of the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity at the Natural History Museum in London. With over ten years experience in citizen science she has published extensively in academic and practitioner-facing literature including the internationally recognised Ten Principles of Citizen Science and Guide to Citizen Science, served as Vice Chair of the European Citizen Science Association (2018-19) and leads an international research team studying the learning outcomes of participating in citizen science.

From Nesta

Experts from other teams will be contributing to our assessment process, in particular Rob Fuller, Cath Sleeman, Juan Mateos-Garcia and Samuel Hanes.

The final decision about funding will be made in March, by the team at the Centre for Collective Intelligence Design.