Nesta responds to BEIS 'Regulation Rulebook' announcement
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Responding to the announcement, Nesta's Head of Technology Futures, Harry Armstrong, said:

"It’s not just our regulations and laws that need a radical rethink in the face of technological disruption, but also our approach to making them. Nesta has been demonstrating how an anticipatory approach to regulation that keeps step with technology can be used to tackle issues like the proliferation of deep fake videos, regulating legal advice given by robots and safe drones in cities.

"Today’s announcements by Greg Clark are an important step towards creating a regulatory system that supports rather than hinders new ideas by being more innovative in the way we make that regulation. This is critical if the UK is to cement its global regulatory leadership. It’s particularly interesting to see the creation of a Regulatory Horizons Council to advise Government which will hopefully provide the leadership and expertise to address the cross-regulator issues that new technology can bring.

"There's plenty more to do to create a regulatory system fit for the future such as involving citizens alongside experts in developing laws that are in step with social norms.

"Regulators will need a new toolkit if they are to make the most of the opportunities, and mitigate the threats, technology and innovation presents, particularly as the UK's position in the world begins to shift. This will require further support and investment on building the skills and capabilities of regulators to respond to the challenges of regulating innovation. Nesta is showing what this means in practice, working with trailblazing regulators around the world in many areas- from open banking to drones and AI legal advice."

Nesta is an innovation foundation, that seeks to bring bold ideas to life, and has been working to develop an anticipatory approach to regulation that is proactive, iterative and responds to evolving markets.


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Our report 'Renewing Regulation: Anticipatory regulation in an age of disruption' can be found here:

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