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Website: www.fabnhsstuff.net
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Location: County Durham

A healthcare radical from the outset, Jane Douthwaite was a second-year undergraduate BSc midwifery student when she became focused on organisational change within the NHS. Today, through sheer grit, enthusiasm and commitment, she is a multi-award winner in the field of healthcare change.

Jane Douthwaite

Her belief in thinking differently and “moving change to the edge” has seen her leverage influence to collectively transform healthcare. She accompanied Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer of NHSE, to teach radical change and then facilitated a School for Health and Care Radicals in Dublin, also presenting to the Irish Parliament about transformation of healthcare systems from the bottom up.

As National Coordinator with The Academy of Fabulous Stuff - a repository of best practice throughout healthcare - she leads the 'Fab Ambassadors', a multidisciplinary team of 150 clinicians, NHS managers and academics working collaboratively to facilitate change and disseminate knowledge. She also jointly leads on the social movement #FabChange70.

This autumn, Jane begins a PhD at Northumbria University where she hopes to explore radical alternatives to traditional quality improvement within midwifery. Exciting plans are underway for a 70-hour livestream of best medical practice.