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Started: October 2014
Website: www.aparito.com
Twitter: @aparitohealth
Location: London

Recognising the challenges of bringing innovative drugs to patients, Dr Elin Haf Davies developed aparito, a wearable device and smart phone app, which monitors the patient continuously, remotely and in real time. Specifically designed for children with rare diseases, this innovative product is delivering significant patient data when it matters most.

A band worn on the wrist like a watch strap, aparito captures data and stores it in the band’s memory, sending it to the patient’s app via Bluetooth. The data can then be viewed on a secure web portal by authorised clinical staff. The device records events such as falls and seizures and gives patients a platform to record clinical details between hospital visits.

With 20 years of clinical research and regulatory experience Elin created this solution with both patient and healthcare provider in mind, so has engaged with patient groups and clinicians for their perspective in the design and usability of the tech. Aparito is currently used for two rare diseases, gaucher and niemann-pick C, but its capability is becoming more sophisticated and will be scaled to four more childhood diseases, in addition to working alongside the National Institute of Health in America in August 2016.

aparito was included in the 2015 Nominet Trust 100 most promising social tech list and was also a Wayra MSD Health Velocity accelerator winner.