Location: Torfaen, South Wales

Sue Malson started her work with TRAC2 in 2012, and in four years has made an exceptional contribution to her community in South Wales.

In an area of often severe poverty, TRAC2 offers several ways of helping people who are sometimes at the lowest point in their lives. It runs a shop where people on benefit support or low incomes can buy, for example, furniture, kitchen items and children’s toys for very low prices (e.g. a sofa for £40, for which buyers can pay £1 a week interest free - preventing the use of loan sharks). Other items that have been donated to the charity are delivered directly to people in times of need.

Sue has formed partnerships with several organisations in the area so that help can be quickly mobilised when someone in dire need becomes known to TRAC2. This has resulted in many instances where people with no food, furniture or heating are provided with everything they need in the space of only one day.

Sue’s tireless efforts and those of a dedicated group of volunteers mean that last year, the charity donated over 2500 items of furniture and over 200 food parcels.