The project: Institution-Industry Link (I² Link)

The Vietnamese team identified the complexity of their innovation system as one of their key challenges. Their project aims to build an efficient bridge for R&D between institutions, governments and industry, namely the Institution-Industry Link. Through this bridge, they aim to improve university-business links and accelerate research commercialisation in Vietnam.

The participants

Nguyen Phu Binh
Office of National Programmes of Science and Technology
Deputy Director

Pham Dinh Nguyen
National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED)
Deputy Director

Nguyen Van Tang
National Technology Innovation Fund (NATIF)
Head of Division

Tran Anh Tu
State Agency for Technology Innovation (SATI)
Head of Division of Technology Innovation Policy

Nguyen Duc Vinh
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Deputy of Head of Division

Nguyen Thuy Linh
Ministry of Finance
Deputy Head of Division of Culture, Science and Education

Do Thi Hai Ha
Ministry of Planning and Investment
Senior Official in charge of Science and Technology