Nine projects helping to build a fairer and more inclusive economy
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The Inclusive Economy Partnership (IEP) is a bold new way of bringing government, business and civil society together to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges.

The partnership, being led by the UK Government together with some of the UK's largest and most influential business and civil society partners, has been working with Nesta on a partnership accelerator that supports social innovators to scale.

Between August 2017 and September 2018, Nesta led the IEP Accelerator, supporting 18 grant winners across three challenge areas (mental health in the workplace, financial inclusion, and the transition to work for young people), to scale through meaningful partnerships with organisations across different sectors.

As part of the accelerator, we made 230 introductions between our 18 social innovators and other parties, from which 100 confirmed partnerships have been established to date.

We caught up with nine of the IEP innovators to discuss their pioneering projects, some of the key partnerships they’ve formed, the impact this has made on their work, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.