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This summit focused on approaches to long term conditions that address the integration challenge, create social value, improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

We believe that we are at a tipping point in the debate on these issues and the focus is less about making the case as about how to do this in practice and at scale.

Speakers included Sir John Oldham, Lord Victor Adebowale and Paul Corrigan as well as senior figures from clinical and patient organisations including the NHS Alliance, Rethink, Macmillan and National Voices.

The day focused on practical insights from work across the country which combines clinical expertise with self-management and strong social networks in a variety of settings from GP surgeries to specialist mental health services to hospital clinics.

Long term conditions are socially complex with both social causes and consequences, so the success of the medical approach to long term conditions depends on a strong social fabric that promotes healthy norms and behaviours.

This cannot be left to chance - we need to systematically bring the social into the medical through collaborative, socially embedded models of health that mobilise professionals, patients and communities to improve health outcomes.