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On Monday 10 December, Nicolas Colin, Co-founder and Director of the pan-European investment firm, The Family, will join Nesta's Chief Executive Geoff Mulgan in conversation to discuss his new book Hedge.

For three decades we’ve been living through a paradigm shift. Our world is moving from the fading Fordist age to the ever-strengthening digital age. This shift is as unstoppable as the one that once brought us from railroads and steel mills to Fordist factories. And its impact on our lives is just as radical.

Nicolas will help us consider the real solution: A complete redesign of our safety net that will let it do its critically important job without getting in the way of progress. Moving toward that new design is what Hedge is all about. The discussion will be followed with the opportunity for Q&A.

Registration will open at 17:30 with the event starting promptly at 18:00. The event will close at 19:00 followed by networking drinks until 20:00.