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Going green: Preparing the UK workforce for the transition to a net-zero economy - 15 Jul 2020 14:00 – 15 Jul 2020 15:00

To tackle the climate crisis, the UK Government has set a target of net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050. To achieve this target, a major transformation is required to prepare sectors and workers for the green economy. However, highly-polluting industries responsible for 93% of the UK's carbon emissions – such as mining, transportation and manufacturing - employ 45% of the UK’s workforce.

How can we prepare the UK workforce for the transition to a net-zero economy and make sure no one is left behind?

What is the event?

The free webinar shared key findings from our new report Going Green: Preparing the UK workforce for the transition to a net-zero economy, which investigated the transformation towards a greener UK economy and the implications for employment across sectors and regions. Our research featured a brand new matrix - the Eco-Transformation of Industries Matrix - which classifies industries based on their carbon emissions and their engagement in environmental activities.

We was joined by a panel of experts to explore the scale of the challenge and understand how sectors can adapt to avoid unemployment through the transition and ensure people are reskilled to do a ‘green job’. Some of the speakers include:

About FutureFit 

FutureFit is a training and research project led by Nesta and supported by Google.org. FutureFit is focused on creating an effective adult learning system to help tackle inequality and social exclusion. In partnership with some of Europe’s largest unions, leading researchers, employers and adult learning experts, FutureFit is reskilling workers at risk of job displacement and conducting a large evaluation about what works, so that solutions can be scaled.

This event was aimed at those interested in the growing debate on the green recovery and curious to learn how to make the green transition smoother for individuals and regions through new kinds of targeted skills and innovation support. 

We have published a blog summarising the three main themes that emerged from the event, find out more here.