Podcast: Travelling antibiotic resistance car hits the Netherlands

When the history of science and medicine museum, Museum Boerhaave, in the Netherlands closed down for a year of renovations, Curator Bart Grob and his team saw this as an opportunity to start a mobile museum about antibiotic resistance called the Antibiotic Brigade. His team purchased a small Peugeot "coffee car" and re-purposed it with screens, a miniature laboratory and VR goggles in this successful attempt at engaging and teaching the public about antibiotic resistance. Listen to Bart speak about what the Antibiotic Brigade is all about and how they plan to integrate the Superbugs game by the Longitude Prize.


Shae Harmon

Shae Harmon

Shae Harmon

Communications Manager, Challenge Works


As Communications Manager for Challenge Works, Shae works across all themes centre-wide, specialising in digital engagement.

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