Evidence Safari: How might we motivate adults to learn new skills?

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Evidence Safari: How might we motivate adults to learn new skills?

Download our Evidence Safari here.

The Digital Frontrunners team has delivered numerous workshops this year for employment, policy and educational professionals. We were most recently at the OECD Forum in Paris and in Copenhagen. Both workshops explored the question, ‘how might we motivate adults to learn new skills?‘

One of the activities we run that always generates great discussion is the ‘evidence safari’ on motivation to learn. This was inspired by Policy Lab UK, the unit responsible for bringing new policy techniques to the departments across the UK civil service.

The premise is simple. Over 60 carefully chosen snippets of evidence from a wide range of sources that offer insights on the topic, presented bite-sized and arranged around the room ready to be explored. These include insights from months of research by Nesta and a rapid evidence review carried out by our partners CFE Research.

Evidence Safari card

We asked participants, ‘what might motivate adults to learn new skills?’ Their mission: to generate new ideas for answering this question using the evidence on display.

What do you do if a piece of evidence catches your eye? Take a picture!

Regroup and look back at the evidence you captured and see if it inspires any new ideas or insights.

It’s a novel way to explore a range of evidence in a relatively short amount of time, especially when we’re used to reading one (often dense) report at a time.

We’re delighted to give you the opportunity to explore our evidence deck on motivation to learn, which you can download at the top of this blog.

Let us know how you use it (perhaps running your own ‘evidence safari’), and whether it results in any ‘aha!’ moments.

Evidence safari


Juan Casasbuenas

Juan Casasbuenas

Juan Casasbuenas

Curriculum and Content Manager

Juan is a Curriculum and Content Manager supporting the Digital Frontrunners and Global Innovation Policy Accelerator programmes.

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