SWOT analysis

How can it help me?

SWOT (aka Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) is an analysis that can be done on a project, department, organisation or entire sector, no matter the size.

It is a way of better understanding what you’re doing well, what you need to address for success, and when and how external partners may help.

A SWOT analysis is especially useful at the beginning of a project. But it also gives you a good framework for reviewing where you stand as you progress, and for trying new ideas and solutions.

How do I use it?

Fill in the SWOT sheet, with your ideas of your strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and threats (external or internal) in the relevant quarters.


  • Make sure you are prepared with accurate facts and figures before you start.
  • Include as many details as you can of what affects your work, whether small or great.
  • Be honest and critical, and avoid defensiveness. Recognising your weaknesses and threats can help you shed light on your opportunities.
  • Get other people’s opinions to compare their perspectives with yours.
  • Do it again. New factors and ideas will crop as your project progresses, so it is a good idea to incorporate the SWOT analysis into your work every quarter or twice a year.
  • Remember it’s a guide, not a rulebook!