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Challenge Prizes: A practice guide

This practice guide shows you how challenge prizes work and supports you to get your own prize idea off the ground.

Key findings:

  • Learn about the history and current uses of challenge prizes
  • See the range of ways that you could use a challenge prize to make an impact
  • Explore your early ideas for running a prize and sense check whether a prize is right for you
  • Understand the main phases of work involved in designing and running a prize
  • Make key design choices and plan your programme, using our strategic prompts and practical tools
  • Find the support you need to get your own challenge prize off the ground.

Challenge prizes are a tried and tested way to support and accelerate change in the world. They are also making a comeback as governments and funders look for better ways to solve problems, create value and exploit the opportunities presented by collaborative technologies.

Challenge Prizes: A practice guide provides practical guidance and support to help you to explore your own challenge and, should you decide to go further, to design and run a prize.

Developed in collaboration with Nesta’s Centre for Challenge Prizes and with the support of the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the guide shares insights and understanding from the Centre’s own work to design and run challenges.

Challenge Prizes is part of a new series of practice guides developed by Nesta to help people to understand innovation methods and approaches and to put them into practice in their own work.

Perrie Ballantyne, Centre for Challenge Prizes