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Salford Energy House Boiler Flow Temperature Testing Initial Report October 2022

Authors: University of Salford: David Farmer, Grant Henshaw, Ben Roberts, Professor Richard Fitton, Professor Will Swan Heating Consultant: Richard Burrows – Mid Wales Plumbing & Heating Supplies Limited

This report summarises the impact of reducing the flow temperature of a gas condensing boiler under controlled conditions at the Salford Energy House.

The impact of reducing the flow temperature of a domestic gas condensing boiler was measured at whole-house level under controlled conditions at the University of Salford Energy House test facility.

The study found that:

  • Lowering the boiler flow temperature reduced space heating gas use e.g. lowering from 80 degrees to 60 degrees saved 12% of gas used to heat the house
  • However, it also slowed heat-up rates and lowered internal air temperatures e.g. when lowering from 80 degrees to 60 degrees, heat up times in the morning went from 23 minutes to 37 minutes.
  • The reductions in gas use measured are primarily due to increased boiler efficiencies rather than reductions in internal air temperature.

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