Review of measures in support of public procurement of innovation
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Review of measures in support of public procurement of innovation

Nesta Working Paper 13/17
Issued: November 2013
JEL Classification: O38
Keywords: Public procurement, demand side innovation policy, evaluation.


This paper is part of the Compendium of Evidence on the Effectiveness of Innovation Policy Intervention. The objective of this report is to review the upsurge of initiatives to support public procurement of innovation and offer insights into the effectiveness of these policies.

To do so, it firstly elaborates a delineation of these policies and summarises the main academic rationales for intervention. It further considers conceptual and methodological issues influencing the assessment of such policies.

It then moves on to examine specific policy measures that have been introduced in support of the public procurement of innovation and existing evidence of their impact.

Finally, conclusions and lessons learnt are presented in terms of policy interventions and methodological issues.


Elvira Uyarra

The Nesta Working Paper Series is intended to make available early results of research undertaken or supported by Nesta and its partners in order to elicit comments and suggestions for revisions and to encourage discussion and further debate prior to publication (ISSN 2050-9820). The views expressed in this working paper are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of Nesta.