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Flipped Learning: Using online video to transform learning

This series looks at how online video can change learning in schools.

This series looks at how online video can change education in schools by moving the learning of new content to outside of the classroom.

Key Findings

  • How this popular approach to technology-enhanced learning is happening in schools
  • The opportunities and challenges of a Flipped Learning approach
  • Practical guides and resources to help schools to make the most of Flipped Learning, and to use the Khan Academy website for teaching secondary level Mathematics

Digital technology is allowing teachers and learners to explore new approaches to traditional school lessons. The growing availability of online instructional videos creates the opportunity to move the learning of new content to outside of the classroom, freeing up class time for teachers to coach, and students to actively work on developing their own understanding.

Nesta and NFER carried out a study to explore how this approach can work in secondary maths classrooms across the UK, and how teachers use it to change the approaches to learning students take. We saw teachers use the approach to encourage students to take active responsibility for their learning, and for some to use it to accelerate their learning.

This project has produced a research report delving into the effects of Flipped Learning and the conditions needed for success. For those focused on classroom practice, we have also created a research-based practitioner guide to the approach, and a specific how-to guide for using resources from the Khan Academy and linking them to the UK curricula.


Suzanne Straw, Oliver Quinlan, Jennie Harland, and Matthew Walker


Oliver Quinlan

Oliver Quinlan

Oliver Quinlan

Head of Impact and Research, Raspberry Pi Foundation

Oliver was a programme manager for Nesta’s digital education projects. He is now Head of Impact and Research at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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