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The impact of being in an urban environment evokes the same feelings as being in a psychological state of 'survival,' with high levels of the stress hormone cortisol and a high heart rate, operating more in adrenaline with a lower quality of rest and sleeping problems. It can also lead to emotional detachment, withdrawal, feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious and isolated, or becoming more aggressive and combative.

Being in a natural environment correlates with the feelings of being in a psychological state where we are 'living,' with a lower heart rate, lower cortisol levels, feeling rested, relaxed and having a sense of belonging. In nature it is much easier to be in the moment with our feelings and have a general sense of well-being.

We are more adrenalised in the city, away from nature. We're not meant to live on constant alert, survival mode is meant to help us cope with occasional encounters and not to be our default.


Beth Collier

Beth ​is a Nature Allied Psychotherapist and ethnographer, teaching woodland living skills and natural history. She is Director of Wild in the City.