Taking a Systems Change Approach to Acute Malnutrition Prevention in Urban India

This report details the process and outcomes of our Acute Malnutrition Prevention Lab and how we are taking a systems change approach to this issue.

Problems that are complex, interconnected, indeterminate, and emergent like the climate crisis, inequality, and acute malnutrition are often addressed with processes that are simplistic, disconnected, and static.

As a result, the solutions that arise out of such approaches are ineffective. Hackathons and accelerators often produce partial responses or attempted silver bullets that, more often than not, ignore the interconnectedness of the system and all of the moving parts that are needed to create a systemic impact.

Nesta has developed a systems change lab method in partnership with the Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and Vihara, which takes a portfolio approach to tackling acute malnutrition.

This report outlines the first phase of activity of the lab and details what we would like to do next to test and trial this method.


Kate Sutton

Kate Sutton

Kate Sutton

Head of Corporate Social Innovation

Kate was responsible for managing Nesta's Corporate Social Innovation and Inclusive Growth work

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