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The Open Jobs Observatory is a pilot project that provides free and up-to-date insights on the skills mentioned in UK job adverts. The slide deck, which can be viewed below, walks through our key algorithms that extract information from job adverts.

The Observatory was created in partnership with the Department for Education.

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While the principal aim of the Observatory is to provide free and up-to-date information on UK skill demands, a secondary aim is to develop open methodologies for analysing job adverts. Currently, there are very few such technical resources available. For that reason, we have published a number of items, including this slide deck (linked above). The deck outlines how we extract locations, occupations and skills from job adverts. For further detail, we have written in-depth articles that walk-through these key algorithms: extracting skills, assigning jobs to occupations and identifying the locations of jobs. We have also released our code, under an MIT license.

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All the aggregate data series in the Observatory can be downloaded from Github. We aim to update the data on a monthly basis. Unfortunately we are unable to share the job adverts that we have collected.

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The Observatory is a pilot project and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future improvements. We are also seeking funding to keep the Observatory running. If you have suggestions or are interested in supporting the work of the Observatory, please reach out to us by emailing [email protected].