Hands hold health placards
In 2017, we’ll see more people uniting to fight for better health and care, enabled by digital technology, and potentially leading to stronger engagement with the system, says Nesta Health Lab.
Nesta has launched a new report, “Health as a Social Movement: The Power of People in Movements”, produced as part of NHS England’s Health as a Social Movement Programme. It illuminates the value and role of health social movements and aims to foster debate, experiments and development of a practice around social movements in health.
Jacqueline del Castillo
Halima Khan
Tuesday, 20 September 2016
RSA Insights: Health as a social movement

Unsure about what Health as a Social Movement means? The RSA asked health and community leaders to explain

Creating a Social Movement for Health | Jos de Blok | RSA Replay

Creating a Social Movement for Health: a discussion including Jos de Blok, CEO Buurtzorg and Nesta's Halima Khan