Celebrating the impact of Innovate to Save

Over the past three years, Y Lab has worked with fifteen innovative projects that aimed to improve their services for people and generate cashable savings through Innovate to Save.

Launched in 2017, the programme aimed to deliver blended finance and support in all areas of Wales and across sectors. It is funded by Welsh Government and supported by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA).

We’ve given out £270,000 in grants while supporting projects to test and develop their ideas. Four of the fifteen have been approved for £2.8 million in interest-free loan funding to scale their work and reach more people.

The projects worked in a range of service areas; emergency, social care, housing, homelessness, children and young people and community development.

An visual infographic showing impact of Innovate to Save funding programme.

To mark the end of three years of work, we commissioned a digital story that brings some of the voices from Innovate to Save to the fore; change is hard and the work of all these projects has increased our knowledge of why and how innovation happens. It deserves to be celebrated.

Cardiff Photographer Alex Sedgmond - Photography South Wales - Innovate To Save Bootcamp 3_-179.jpg

To learn more about Innovate to Save, explore our case studies and workshop resources.


Angharad Dalton

Angharad Dalton

Angharad Dalton

Programme Manager, Y Lab

Angharad is the Programme Manager for Innovate to Save

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