Inverclyde Community Development Trust e-bike

Inverclyde Community Development Trust is creating a new e-bike hire scheme, which will include developing an online system of GPS tracking, registration, booking and collaboration with users on how best to expand the network.


The Trust has 30 years’ experience providing a range of services and support to the people of Inverclyde, contributing to the overall economic development of the community by providing or creating jobs for people from disadvantaged groups and areas. We manage and develop programmes in heritage and culture, volunteering and employability; as such, we have a very well-developed network with local groups, community hubs and centres, schools and other third sector partners.

We are an existing bike repair project with ten e-bikes, and we’re exploring how we can facilitate behaviour change to help people make more low-carbon journeys. E-bikes help people get out of unhealthy and environmentally damaging cars and taxis, but they are very expensive to buy and difficult to try out to see if they suit you. We plan to extend the availability of e-bikes to a variety of groups who may have limited access to cycling generally, and help meet the challenge caused by the fact that Inverclyde is an exceptionally hilly part of the country.

Why ShareLab Scotland?

Through ShareLab Scotland, we’ll be exploring how to create an e-bike scheme that addresses our social aims, and learning what works and what doesn’t.

In particular, Inverclyde e-bike hire scheme will be used to establish: how to accelerate uptake and use of e-bikes in the Inverclyde community; how to better understand the barriers holding back e-bike use in Inverclyde, and how to create a scheme that is self-sustainable.


We hope to develop a self-sustainable e-bike hire scheme that can be expanded across Inverclyde, and possibly beyond.

By Kieran Wild, Active Travel Officer, Inverclyde Community Development Trust