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IF works with the organisations shaping our digital world to show how they can be trusted with data. It was founded in 2015 by Sarah Gold, a leading expert in emerging issues and trends in privacy, security and technology. IF's clients and partners include Google, DeepMind, Oxfam and the Open Data Institute.

The multidisciplinary team designs, tests and builds services that help people exercise their digital rights. They’ve also created a Data Permissions Catalogue, to help teams building digital services make more informed choices about the design patterns they use for data sharing.

The organisation’s work includes offering Data Ethics Toolkits, a service to help companies understand what data they hold and how it’s used, so they can improve their data ethics. After an initial assessment, IF gives organisations some practical recommendations to improve their data practises, whether that’s training staff, changing policies or making changes to systems.

IF also researches opportunities for entirely new services that respect people’s digital rights. And their policy work aims to influence technology policy and regulation so that the rules are practical and effective.