We’ve lost control over our digital identities. The rich trails of information we produce all the time – locations, shopping and browsing habits, even ‘likes’ on social media - have become the web’s most valuable resource. But in the current online economy, that data is locked away by companies that silo and hoard it, prioritising its more commercial uses.

We are frequently presented with lengthy terms and conditions that give us little choice other than to give up control over our digital footprints. Many platforms use this data to wield increasing influence over our everyday lives, yet the technologies they use and the decisions they make are opaque and largely unaccountable.

As part of our new report Me, My Data and I: the future of the personal data economy, we researched a range of new projects that are paving the way towards a fairer, more democratic internet, where people and society are empowered by their data.

These include: technologies making new standards of privacy and control possible; digital platforms helping people unlock personal and public benefits with their data; and groups and collectives that are raising awareness and enabling people to take action.

Read about a selection of these projects below.