CogniCare app


When families receive a diagnosis of dementia they are often left to navigate the care system on their own, not knowing what to do, where to go or who to trust. They need support that addresses their individual needs. CogniHealth is creating a digital companion, called CogniCare, for families and friends looking after someone with dementia. CogniCare is a one-stop platform for people looking after someone with dementia that uses AI to personalise solutions, enabling early intervention and even preventative care.

We have a cross-functional team of neuroscience, tech and business experts, who have a deep understanding of dementia and the opportunity that lies in technological innovation. We have built a strong partnership with Alzheimer Scotland who have supported us in the development of of CogniCare. We are working closely with other third sector organisations, private companies and researchers to create a unique dementia care ecosystem for affected families.


We believe that Cognihealth can improve the lives of people affected by dementia by using digital technology to reduce the financial, physical and psychological burden of dementia.

Throughout the project we will be testing CogniCare with affected families in Scotland, and run an impact study to assess how CogniCare can support families on a day-to-day basis. Specifically, we want to understand how family carers and people with dementia can benefit from accessing CogniCare through Amazon Alexa.

As part of this project, we are building a data-driven model using machine learning technology to ensure solutions are tailored to the needs of the individual. By creating reports that can be shared with healthcare professionals based on data collected through CogniCare, we aim to empower carers and help deliver better care.

Why Healthier Lives Data Fund?

The Healthier Lives Data Fund offers the ability to test and develop CogniCare with the advice from experts that have experience in working with dementia-based projects. The funding will allow us to develop an intelligent system using machine learning that can provide families affected by dementia with insightful solutions tailored to their needs. By accessing dementia-specific datasets we will be able to fine-tune our system. We aim to reach families across the world and through the Nesta network we will be able to develop key connections with organisations across Europe.

By Pooja Jain, Founder