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The Knowledge Economy

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Knowledge economy industries are where we see employment growth and productivity growth coming from. So if you look at the last few years things like pharmaceuticals have increased productivity by about three times, whereas it’s barely increased at all in some more traditional industries.

Madeleine Gabriel, Head of Inclusive Innovation, Nesta

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If economic eras are defined by their most advanced form of production, then we are clearly living in one where knowledge plays a decisive role in the organisation of production, distribution and consumption. But the benefits of the knowledge economy are far from equally shared, so how can we make sure the knowledge economy is more inclusive?

Joining Nigel Campbell to discuss this are Madeleine Gabriel, Head of Inclusive Innovation at Nesta and Isaac Stanley, Researcher in Inclusive Innovation at Nesta - both co-authors of Imagination Unleashed: Democratising The Knowledge Economy.

Included in this episode, Nesta Chief Executive Geoff Mulgan talks to Roberto Mangabeira Unger, a philosopher and politician who is Professor at Harvard Law School - and a co-author of Nesta’s ‘Imagination Unleashed’ report.

Roberto Unger on the Knowledge Economy

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