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Created: 2012

Where: UK

Scale: Over 2,000 clubs in UK

In 2012, Clare Sutcliffe and Linda Sandvik launched a new kind of after-school club for the next generation. The clubs, which are run by volunteers from the tech industry, teach primary school children the new literacy of the 21st century: how to code.

Once a week, children are taught how to make computer games, create animations and build websites – a strong foundation in the skills of our digital economy. However, the Code Club philosophy believes that learning to code enables more than the option of becoming a developer – the founders believe that it can teach multi-purpose skills, such as logical thinking, problem solving, planning and design.

The rapid expansion of the clubs would certainly support the value of the tuition - there are now over 2000 Code Clubs in the UK, from the Scottish Highlands to the tip of Cornwall.

The aim is to start a club in every one of the UK’s 21,000 primary schools, bringing the exciting potential of digital skills to every corner of the country.