Using Collective Intelligence to solve public problems - 20 Oct 2020 14:00 – 15:30

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What is the event?

Collective intelligence can help make our public services better and more inclusive and should be part of how any institution thinks about solving problems in the 21st century.

At this event, the GovLab and the Centre for Collective Intelligence Design at Nesta will share lessons from new research on how to make the most of this opportunity through better design for crowd and institution collaboration. The research and accompanying guide covers analysis of 30 examples from around the world to understand how global leaders have solved problems with collective intelligence and what was crucial to their success and sustainability.  

The event will be an opportunity to learn directly from the practitioners behind some of the cutting edge projects we cover in the report and hear from authors behind the research.

Who is it for and why should I come?

This event is for mission-driven leaders and managers who have an interest in improving their ability to solve problems legitimately and effectively and who want to learn about the skills used by 21st century public leaders.

The event will be focused on the public sector, especially city and local governments, but the lessons learned are relevant to anyone trying to become a better public problem-solver. This includes those who are eager to try collective intelligence methods like open innovation and crowdsourcing and those in executive positions who want to embrace a more collaborative and participatory culture.


Amardeep (Dee) Prasad

Interim Director, Office of Civic Innovation, City and County of San Francisco

Mark Wilson

Co-Founder, GoodSam

Georgia Gould

Leader, Camden London Borough Council