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On Wednesday 7 February 2018, Nicole Yershon discussed her new Amazon bestseller, Rough Diamond, with Kirsten Bound, Executive Director of Research, Analysis and Policy at Nesta.

Nicole shared her insights on trust, transparency and the power of collective ‘out of the box’ thinking, encouraging all of us to savour each and every day for the opportunity to innovate, connect and disrupt the status quo.

Her ‘there is no ‘no’' and ‘ask for forgiveness, not permission’ attitude is inspirational and intoxicating. She believes that each and every one of us has it within our power to do more and be more – in work and in life, and that each of us has an opportunity to change our destiny to shine as the Rough Diamond, the anomaly who shines bright, even if unpolished.

Nicole has over 20 years experience in the advertising industry and was the founder of Ogilvy Labs, with a brief to bring them into the 21st century over 17 years ago. She understands the necessity for companies to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and is now founder of Lab For Hire & Co - a collective of disruptors, strategists, designers, technologists and other disruptive souls that act as an outsourced innovation team for organisations, big and small, on projects across the landscape.