Startup Studios - 17 Jun 2014

Over recent years we have seen an explosion of programmes based on the LeanStartup methodology, but more recently there has been yet another model emerging - Startup Studios.

This event aimed to better understand this model, and ask:

  • What are Startup Studios and how do they work?
  • Are they a better or just different way of building successful tech companies?
  • How transferable is the studio model beyond digital – for example to resource-intensive sectors such as medtech and cleantech
  • What are the problems, pitfalls and lessons learned for people interested in trying this model or supporting Startup Studios?
  • What’s next – can Startup Studios have a bigger impact on startup ecosystems in the coming years?

To discuss this, our expert panel was chaired by technology expert Mike Butcher and included:

  • Reshma Sohoni, Startup expert & co-founder of Seedcamp
  • Nick Marsh, Makeshift, UK
  • Nic Brisbourne, Forward Ventures
  • Tim Morgan, MintDigital, UK

We are also ran a Workshop in the afternoon for startup studios and startup/technology experts keen on fleshing out what makes Startup Studios different, exploring best practices and developing visions for the future.

What's new in building successful tech startups?

Startups Studios: A new model?


Reshma Sohoni

Startup expert & co-founder of Seedcamp

Nick Marsh

Makeshift, UK

Nic Brisbourne

Forward Ventures

Tim Morgan

MintDigital, UK