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Hosted in collaboration with the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Innovation agencies, statistical agencies and researchers across the world are exploring new applications of big data and analytics methods such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, brought about by the data revolution to measure and map Research and Innovation (R&I) activities, deliver and evaluate R&I policies.

In collaboration with the OECD and the European Commission we hope to bring together R&I policymakers to reflect on the lessons learned from this work. We will identify those areas where new data offers the greatest potential for R&I policy, and discuss how we can realise this potential to enhance the impact of R&I policies and their ability to address grand societal challenges for the benefit of all.

Sessions will aim to highlight the 'burning' R&I policy questions that can be addressed with new data and provide the opportunity to envisage new and transformational R&I policy interventions and processes that could be enabled by new data and analytics.

In addition, on March 22nd, we will be hosting a research and innovation hack day; a morning of data science tutorials and brainstorming, followed by an afternoon of collaborative mini projects inspired by the previous day's discussion. We would like to invite attendees and their colleagues to apply for the workshop via this form.

Registrations will open at 9:00 with the event starting promptly at 9:30. The conference is scheduled to close at 16:30.