“Systemic anti-black racism is making us sick, both mentally and physically as black people; and we must value Afro-centric approaches and perspectives, values and practices, in order to improve health and wellness.”

Dr Onye Nnorom

Dr Onye Nnorom is a family physician, public health specialist and the first equity, diversity and inclusion lead for the University of Toronto’s Department of Family & Community Medicine. She’s keenly interested in health equity and the impact that racism has on our health, from the level of healthcare people of colour receive, to the circumstances that put them at greater risk of ill health.

How do inequalities in the healthcare system manifest, and what risks do they pose to people of colour? How can we overcome inequalities and embed anti-racist approaches?

Dr Nnorom joined Nesta's Deputy Director, a healthy life mission, Parita Doshi, on 11 January to discuss these issues.

Why you should watch the recording

This free online event is for those either working in the healthcare profession as a practitioner, educator or student. It's also for anyone who is interested in learning more about embedding anti-racist approaches in health.

Dr Nnorom spoke about the importance of understanding the links between racism and health, how we can move towards an anti-racist healthcare system and why we must amplify Black voices in the medical profession.