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Nesta Sparks is a series of informal learning sessions where we share our practical knowledge around different ways to innovate. We're running monthly talks where you can hear from Nesta staff about different innovation approaches we’re using and what we’ve been learning.

Recent years have seen growing interest in the potential for data analytics to help public sector organisations make better decisions and improve their services. But where do you begin?

This event offered the chance to learn about how organisations can start on the road to making better use of their data; the areas where data analytics offers the most potential benefits, and what it requires of your organisation.

The event was designed for public service leaders and service managers who have not already embarked on a major data analytics initiative but who would like to know more about what it entails.

Eddie Copeland, Nesta's Director of Government Innovation, will outline a four step method for determining which issues can best be addressed with data analytics.

Michelle Eaton, Nesta's Office of Data Analytics Programme Manager, will share lessons from her work with and research on data analytics initiatives taking place around the UK.