How to lead the way out of a crisis: Nesta talks to Louai Al Roumani - 6 Oct 2020 12:00 – 13:00

This event has now taken place.

Can inspiration arrive in the most unlikely of places?

The horror of living in a warzone is unfathomable to most of us, but what if you had the responsibility of protecting the lives and livelihoods of others along with your own?

In this conversation, Louai Al Roumani revisits his time during the Syrian war when he thrived against all odds as the chief financial officer of the country’s largest privately-owned bank.

How can innovative thinking and an unshakably positive mindset equip us in overcoming enormous adversity? Can this aid us in navigating our way through the challenges we are facing today?

Be part of a journey in discovering the techniques for leading the way out of a seemingly insurmountable crisis.