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On 2 April we launched the Good Incubation report with a full day event that brought together leaders from the field of early stage social venture support, including impact accelerators, co-working spaces and impact investor networks.

The Good Incubation report tracks the growth and analyses the trends of social venture incubation worldwide. The event, sponsored by the Cabinet Office, attracted a panel of speakers from around the world, to share their knowledge on incubation best practices and future trends.

Banks Benitez on lessons learned from the Unreasonable Institute

Renato Kiyama from Artemisia on developing social venture incubators in Brazil

Tunji Eleso from CcHub on setting up an incubation space in Lagos, Nigeria

Victoria Fram from Village Capital on investing in social incubation programmes worldwide

Maja Brisvall on the evolution of the Shift accelerator in Sweden


Welcome and Introduction

  • Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive Officer, Nesta
  • Paul Miller, Bethnal Green Ventures
  • Jessica Stacey, Nesta

Good Incubation Stories

  • Renato Kiyama, Artemisia, Brazil
  • Tunji Eleso, ccHub, Nigeria
  • Wes Selke, Better Ventures, San Francisco
  • Madeleine Gabriel, Nesta

Startup Stories

  • Eugenie Teasley, Discoverables
  • James Johnstone, Open Utility
  • Dr Jamie Wilson, Home Touch

The Investor Perspective

  • Joe Ludlow, Nesta Impact Investments
  • Kieron Boyle, Office for Civil Society, UK Cabinet Office
  • Victoria Fram, Village Capital
  • Dan Sutch, Nominet Trust

Future Trends

  • Maja Brisvall, Shift, Stockholm
  • Banks Benitez, the Unreasonable Institute, Boulder
  • David de San Benito Torre, Wayra UnLtd, London

Wrap up

  • Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Civil Society


Paul Miller

Bethnal Green Ventures

Jessica Stacey

Renato Kiyama

Artemisia, Brazil

Tunji Eleso

ccHub, Nigeria

Wes Selke

Better Ventures, San Francisco

Eugenie Teasley


James Johnstone

Open Utility

Dr Jamie Wilson

Home Touch

Kieron Boyle

Office for Civil Society, UK Cabinet Office

Victoria Fram

Village Capital

Dan Sutch

Nominet Trust

Maja Brisvall

Shift, Stockholm

Banks Benitez

The Unreasonable Institute, Boulder

David de San Benito Torre

Wayra UnLtd

Nick Hurd MP