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Science and innovation have wide-ranging effects on the lives of everyone, yet only a tiny group of people get to make important decisions about what is prioritised and how resources are used.

On 16 May we launched our new programme, Everyone Makes Innovation Policy, which will explore creative approaches to involving a much wider group of people in discussing, debating and shaping science, technology and innovation policy.

What we learned

In the hands-on workshop, we learned how to use a range of creative methods in public engagement work - storytelling, games, art and digital approaches.

We heard from organisations and individuals that are leading the way in public engagement with science and innovation policy: Imran Khan, Head of Public Engagement at the Wellcome Trust, and Jack Stilgoe, Senior Lecturer in Social Studies of Science, UCL.

Who attended

The event brought together both grantees of the programme and policymakers and practitioners who are interested in learning how to improve the ways they involve the public with technology and innovation policy. In practice, they are interested in engaging the public, with the goal of:

  • Uncovering/reframing problems or needs that innovation could address
  • Identifying priorities or ‘challenges’ for innovation policy
  • Deciding how funds should be spent
  • Influencing the way new technologies are developed, used or regulated


Imran Khan

Head of Public Engagement, Wellcome Trust

Jack Stilgoe

Senior Lecturer in Social Studies of Science, UCL