Everyone Makes Innovation Policy - Final Event - 12 Dec 2018 10:00


On Wednesday 12 December, Nesta hosted the final event of the Everyone Makes Innovation Policy programme.

Started in February 2018, this programme explored creative approaches to involving diverse groups of people in discussing, debating and shaping science, technology and innovation policy, using storytelling, art, theatre and games.

At the event, we heard from our grantees about how to use a range of creative methods to find out what the public think and involve diverse groups of people in shaping research and policy.

There was also an opportunity to meet and share ideas with people who are experimenting with a range of creative approaches to public engagement.

The event was designed to bring together:

  • Scientists, researchers or innovators, who would like to learn about creative approaches to engaging more diverse groups of people with their work;
  • Policymakers who would like to know the best way to involve the public in developing policies and strategies;
  • Individuals who are full of creative ideas and would like to come along and share them with policymakers.